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Sell Your Houses Quickly understands the challenges homeowners face in the home-selling process. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, burdened with a troublesome property, or navigating probate issues, we empathize with your situation. Our mission is to provide tailored solutions to address your financial concerns and real estate goals. With our dedicated team, we offer personalized assistance and guidance every step of the way. Let us help you find relief and achieve peace of mind by turning your property into a valuable asset.


Rudolph Francis MD. I experienced the hard lessons of the Great Recession around 2008, when I attempted to prevent foreclosure for family members.
What I learnt was that Life offers no guarantees. However, there are opportunities every day. I made the choice to trust myself, and enter the unknown world of real estate as an adventure. In the process, I discovered that time, not money was my currency.
Similar to my journey in medicine, I developed competency,consistency,fairness,and transparency as core values.
My commitment to you is to look for all the redeeming factors surrounding your situation, so that you like me, can grow and discover your purpose.
That is how I intend to earn your trust & respect.

Rudolph Francis MD

Most Trusted Home Selling Partner

Sellyourhousesquickly is committed to making sure your home sale goes as smoothly as possible because it’s a significant decision.

Founded with a deep-rooted commitment to our community in the Triad Area of North Carolina, Sell Your Houses Quickly has earned the trust and respect of its clients. As a family-owned business, we build lasting relationships not just making transactions. Our approach creates positive outcomes for every homeowner we work with in North Carolina.


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