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Selling Inherited Property in North Carolina

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Selling Inherited Property in North Carolina


Losing a beloved family member is a heartbreaking moment. Although an inherited property is a gift, there are numerous challenges. You need a real estate agent for selling inherited property in North Carolina. Inherited properties require repairing work to attract potential customers. The process involves obeying the will of the deceased person and transferring the titles of the property. Explore the process to sell your inherited house and continue reading the blog.

Sell an Inherited House in North Carolina 

Inheritance comes up with financial and emotional challenges to making decision making tough. The following steps are intended to act as a starting point if you’re having trouble selling your inherited property in North Carolina.

Obey the Will

First of all, find out if a will exists. Real estate experts state the will is valid, and the appointed executor needs court approval. The decision determines the heirs if no executor is named. Hire a probate attorney for professional advice. There’s a narrow line between legal and real estate advice to sell an inherited house in North Carolina.

Consult With All Heirs

Appoint a personal representative for house upkeep and other matters if there are multiple inheritors but no executor of the will. If there isn’t a will, you can bypass probate and submit an heirship affidavit, which needs two unrelated parties’ signatures. You can transfer titles for selling inherited property in North Carolina.

Transfer Title

Real estate attorneys advise changing the title to the inheritors’ names. To verify the process, contact a title transfer company rather than an attorney. You cannot use the tax data if the property is still registered in the name of a deceased person. You run into problems while attempting to sell an inherited home in North Carolina.

Pay Outstanding Debts

Before inheriting a property, understand its financial status: Is a mortgage in place? Some mortgages have an acceleration clause that would demand immediate payoff. A HELOC or home equity line of credit? A mortgage in reverse? Do you have any judgments or liens? Overdue taxes? This also includes covering the medical and funeral costs of the deceased individual. Search the publicly available records with a title search to find the answers to the above questions. Find out how much the house is worth in the market. Clearly understand the value of selling inherited property in North Carolina.

Open an Estate Account

Opening an estate account helps you avoid North Carolina inheritance tax while selling inherited property in North Carolina. The deceased’s belongings, including the property sale proceeds, will be momentarily placed in this bank account. Your attorney will use the account’s funds to settle costs or debts, including utilities, property taxes, mortgage payments, and HOA dues. Estate accounts are helpful to sell an inherited house in North Carolina.

Get Property Documents

You need all documents for selling inherited property in North Carolina. This includes title or deed, mortgage, HELOC, will or living trust, and evidence of paid taxes and HOA dues. Get signed documents from everyone you share inherited property confirming their consent for the transaction.

Remove Unwanted Items

Managing the deceased’s belongings is important because not all are valuable for the heirs. If the will is silent on the subject, you must determine what to do with the person’s belongings.

You can make three piles:

  • Donate usable goods
  • Dispose of everything else
  • Divide among the inheritors
  • Sell valuables at an estate sale or auction

One advantage of an estate sale is that many people come to view the property.

Find a Real Estate Agent With Probate Experience

Get help during the process from an agent with experience in probate. They are aware of the North Carolina Estates Code and that the state of North Carolina allows for up to a year of probate before the laws of intestacy dictate the distribution of the deceased’s property. An agent can assist with submitting a bid to the probate court for permission and performing the standard listing tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can stop paying capital gains tax on inherited property in North Carolina by selling the property quickly, making it your primary residence, or renting the inherited property.

The deceased property owner is no longer able to sign the deed. If so, you require something different, such as a court decree determining heirship, a probated will, or an affidavit proving heirship.

Beacon Enterprises is a trusted real estate agency in North Carolina. We offer many real estate services to help you sell your house quickly.

Yes, Beacon Enterprises makes a cash offer to buy your home in North Carolina.

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